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Quote of the Day & musings about birthdays

I swear this kid is so obsessed with Christmas, his birthday, and getting presents, I just want to go and send him to Plum Village... Tattoo "Things won't make me happy" backwards on his forehead, so as soon as he learns how to read, he can read that every day. I guess non-attachment as a lifestyle is a bit of a stretch for a four-year old. *sigh*


The 5 Day Poetry Challenge, Day 5 (ahem)

So yesterday was day 5, but I didn't post because life was happening all over me. I am sure that I will be forgiven. ❤ The Rules* Rule #1: Don't run off. (Nana came up with this one.) Meaning: We love you and you can't get run over by a car. You can't get kidnapped,… Continue reading The 5 Day Poetry Challenge, Day 5 (ahem)

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I am grateful for …

Tonight, I am grateful for the support I received from friends in my church community who thanked me for writing that post last week, which was so hard to write. Several people told me that it was well written and powerful. Well, thanks. Also that it seems likely that the institution will change, one way… Continue reading I am grateful for …