new therapist, part one

I was on time for once. In all my years of therapy, I've never felt reluctant to share my story, so I could be better! But this time, there's so much going on, and getting it all straight was flummoxing. I finally understand why it would be hard for someone to lay their cards on the table.


The 5 Day Poetry Challenge, Day 5 (ahem)

So yesterday was day 5, but I didn't post because life was happening all over me. I am sure that I will be forgiven. ❤ The Rules* Rule #1: Don't run off. (Nana came up with this one.) Meaning: We love you and you can't get run over by a car. You can't get kidnapped,… Continue reading The 5 Day Poetry Challenge, Day 5 (ahem)

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I am grateful for …

Tonight, I am grateful for the support I received from friends in my church community who thanked me for writing that post last week, which was so hard to write. Several people told me that it was well written and powerful. Well, thanks. Also that it seems likely that the institution will change, one way… Continue reading I am grateful for …