Dramatis Personae


I really wish I could get my hair to do this.
I wish my hair would do this.

Now, 44 after my most recent birthday. Vampire old. Theologian (former lots of denominations; current Unitarian Universalist). Asthmatic. Married. Mother of two precious effing cherubs. Survivor of child sexual assault. Recovering alcoholic with seven + years sober.

My Superpower is The Laugh.

My totem animal is The Moon. When I’m feeling pagan, I go by “Analuna.”



tim allen with hammer
Hubs would hate that Tim Allen is his persona on this blog. Meh. It fits.

The Hubs:

Sarcastic. Epileptic. Gooey center (good with other people’s crying). Eagle Scout. Works customer service / former call center monkey. Fixes anything with moving parts. Fan of motorcycles and power tools.

His Superpower is Dealing With It.

His totem animal is a Cat: “Pet me pet me pet me. We will never speak of this again.”

Cherub One:

He is Calvin.
He is Calvin.

Firstborn. HIGH ENERGY. So much energy, homg. Loves toys. Very verbal. Calls me “Mom.” He is ALL BOY, all the time. He nicknamed himself, “Rainbow Red Rock” when he was four years old. Sensory Processing Disorder, diagnosed recently.

He loves his baby sister, and his song for her when she cries is, “Baby Sister, don’t cry, don’t cry. Big Brother is here. You get all the attention, so don’t cry.” (It is about the most precious thing in the universe.)

His Superpower is Adorableness. He has known it since he was six months old. It is scary sometimes.

His totem animal is a Tornado.

Cherub Two:  maggie simpson

Girlie. The Baby. AKA “SissieBear,” “Peaches.” Huge smile. Blessing.  Source of PPMD, which is sort of terrifying.

Her Superpower: TBA.

Her totem animal: Bear. (Also possibly TBA.)


Nunkie G has Hair From the Land That Time Forgot.

Nunkie G.:

Diabetic. Blind. One-legged. Complicated familial past. Adult child of alcoholics. Occasionally smokes pot. Mark Twain lookalike. Equally as cranky, most days. Likes history, Legos, and Judge Judy. Roots for the Mariners and the Seahawks. Constantly watches / listens to TV, even when sleeping. We live with him because he can’t live by himself; he needs someone to take care of him. This usually falls to me.

His Superpower: Wheeled Grumpiness.


My Mom:

Mom is from Nevada.
Mom is from Nevada.

Favorite song is “Home Means Nevada,” and she is completely tone deaf. This does not stop her from singing. Favorite movie is “The Quiet Man.” Bipolar, diagnosed when she was 63 (a very belated explanation of the vagaries of my childhood experience of her). Very helpful with the children; has C1 for sleepovers every Friday.

Favorite quote: “Anna, I didn’t have cancer to ruin your wedding.”

Her SuperPower: Brilliance.

Totem animal:  Cat.


Apple being the image of sexuality.
Apple being the symbol of sexuality.

Mother in law. Younger sister of Nunkie G. Mother of The Hubs. Adult child of alcoholics. Survivor of domestic violence. Goes by “Nana,” and is helpful with the cherubs. Really likes Christmas, and Snow White. Likes baseball, and is a season ticket holder for the Spokane Indians. Also roots for the Mariners and the Seahawks.

Her SuperPower: Dealing With It.

Her totem animal: uhh, I’m not sure, but I’d say like a bear or something.

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