this is going to be my son!


Baby Blues

This is totally going to be my son. He loves his baby sister, but he loves annoying her more than anything, I think. Right now, she can’t speak, so she just wails whenever he does something that aggravates her, which is often, ha! But as soon as she starts talking, I’m sure it will be “No, Lucas!” Which is what I say all the time. I am officially The Mom of NO.


So we are putting Lucas’s tablet in our room at night, because he woke up in the middle of the night and watched his tablet until dawn again. I value his independence, and he needs to be self-entertaining. But he also needs to sleep. This morning, there was Christmas wrapping paper all over the floor on the hallway, and he was particularly bouncy before I had my coffee.

I am so crabby and I have no subtlety before I drink coffee in the morning, friends. So crabby. I utter words like, “Meh,” and “Ungh.” What I mean to say is, “Why is there wrapping paper all over my floor?” What comes out is, “Meh garble floor room mumble mumble mumble.” You can understand if Lucas has a sketchy grasp of the rules in the morning.

I did organize us for this summer so that Lucas can go to a few summer / art camps. Hooray! Best Mom Ever!

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