Reasons Why I Love Desmond Tutu…

September 17th, 2008

reasons why I love Desmond Tutu…

tree spirit

…by anna marie martin, age 36:

I met him personally when he gave a speech at Union, and when he was walking out to his car, I asked to shake his hand, and instead, he said, “I’ll give you much better!”  gave me a big hug and a smoochie on the cheek (I’ll never wash this cheek again….  thank you brady bunch)…  he carries such joy with him, despite all the horrors he’s lived through.  he is truly an ambassador for god’s welcome.

I love Desmond Tutu because he speaks truth to power, and has ultimate compassion, bravery, integrity, and honestly, a delightful sense of humor.

and the speech he gave at Union:

(he said this but it isn’t in the written version of the speech:  “my friends, there are three things you need to win a nobel peace prize:  an easy name, a big nose, and sexy legs!”)

love him!

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