11 thoughts on “testing last.fm”

    1. you go to your userinfo page.

      on the external services clickey button thing, click EDIT.

      External Services: [Edit]
      LJ Talk fannyanns@livejournal.com LJ Talk status: offline
      Yahoo! anniemdiv, namastefannyanns Yahoo! status
      Last.fm fannyanns

      you put your last.fm username in the last.fm spot.

      click SAVE, then it should work!!!!

      I have been perplexed by this for some time. but I’m glad I figured it out. finally. after all this time.

      good luck! lemme know if it works.


      1. I cannot for the LIFE of me find the external services clicky button thing. Hell, I don’t even know which page is my userinfo page!



      2. ok bebe. hang in there.

        breathe in & out.

        the little head & shoulders thingey right next to your user name. that’s what you click on.

        that will give you your user info.

        Then, go to external services, then edit.

        your user info page will have sections – name, bio, friends, mutual friends, communities watched.

        go try: lemme know how it works. just breathe — you’ll be okay.


      3. okay. your last.fm looks fine.

        the little head & shoulders ticker next to your name: click it. (open in a new window.)

        TICKER-THINGEY heartdrawndream.

        it’s right next to your name.


      4. you should totally have an external services thing, cause you’re a paid account – I have one and I’m a plus/nonpaid account. this is really strange.

        maybe LJ has some kind of help????


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