a big, hearty thank you goes to….

and mal, who for some odd reason is in fact NOT on LJ.

for helping me move this weekend.

big hearty hugs and smooches on the cheek.

thanks boys. and thanks mcfoo for putting up with me cause I was all kinds of stressed…..


13 thoughts on “a big, hearty thank you goes to….”

      1. you know, that really is the best face ever.

        I think I might have to steal your icon. with credit, of course…

        *wants Jensen a lot.*


    1. so far so good. I’m mostly just tired… stuff is everywhere, and I still have a load in my truck to unload. I don’t know what stuff, actually…

      I drive an SUV which has proved enormously useful these past few moves, although I deal with the guilt of being an awful planet-killer.

      that and gas above $4 a gallon last summer made me REALLY want a mini. or a smartcar.

      my mini would be red or black with silver stripes. and smart cars are so awesome it really wouldn’t matter what color it was.

      uhhh… I really don’t want to be at work. I want to be in my pajamas and watching tv or in fact, asleep.

      Leverage on demand! (my dad has the awesomest cable and flat screen. nom nom nom…)


      1. JEALOUS.


        so not fair… my boss is talking to me right now and boring me to tears… we’re on the phone now… right now…

        I wish I was watching ten inch hero with you. moar jealous…

        I’ve seen picspam of it and it looks good. love the jenny-mohawk/pierced jenny…

        and the t-shirts…


        do you own it or is it netflixed?


      2. I just grabbed it from Blockbuster… thinking of keeping it forever! it was soo good. I totally was in the mood for this movie. I kinda want to put it in again & rewatch it immediately. *sigh* also, good soundtrack: Feeder? *awesome*


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