15 thoughts on “…so ummm…. short question”

  1. Let me make sure I understand. You are having dreams about masturbation? If that’s the case, then that sucks and is a total waste of a sex dream. Why dream about *that* when there are so many other things to dream about. You can do that just about any time…you see what I mean…

    Either way, I’m jealous. I almost never have erotic dreams at all.


    1. I tend to have erotic dreams from time to time. I’ve been having more of them recently… I don’t honestly know what it means. (that’s why I asked….) and I don’t think it’s a total waste of a sex dream… because … well… some recent sexual partners I’ve had (and it’s been a while, mind you), aren’t that skilled in the orgasmic-woman-pleasure department…

      ps. I’ve had some “sex dreams” as well… just didn’t want to get too personal. oh fuck it. maybe I’ve already crossed the line.

      thanks for helping me move tomorrow…


  2. it means you’re not reading enough pr0n. duh.

    this whole sparkly mormon teenage vampire thing I have going on right now… the kid who PLAYS the sparkly mormon teenage vampire (he also played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies), he has been quoted a lot worrying that the books were written as the personal masturbatory aid of the mormon chick who wrote them. so… it could be worse.


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